Microsoft's 'Future Of PC Gaming' Is Terrifying

Microsoft probably has many ideas on what constitutes the future of gaming on the PC. It's too big a company not to. But this particular one is so horrible you may not want to even see it.

Put together by the Windows Gaming Experience team, this video was originally made and released in 2010. So if the content looks a little out of date, that's why. It's only just been noticed publicly this week, however, and the entire principle of the thing is just so awful I don't know where to start.

Get past the obvious stuff, like the use of "p0wned", and you see something a lot more insidious: a desire to see the PC become Xbox Live. Which runs contrary to the very reason most people advocate the PC as a gaming platform in the first place.

It may seem incredible for Microsoft executives and research teams to be able to combine all that fancy commerce and integration in the one platform, ala Xbox Live, but PC users invested enough to be playing Battlefield don't want that kind of hegemony. They want choices, open platforms, the ability to build an experience according to their own needs and desires.

Not something that seems designed expressly to control, and then nickel-and-dime the consumer, at every step of the way.

Now, before you get too worked up, this is a year old. And it's an internal video, made as part of Microsoft's ongoing research into the PC gaming market. It's not an official statement of intent, nor is it a sign that this is something the company is definitely working on with an intent to release: remember, giant corporations like Microsoft are working on loads of different things at any one time.

But this particular idea? No thank you.

Internal Microsoft video shows plans for next-gen gaming experience [ZDNet]


    What a stupid video.

    Oh it is definitely a statement of intent.
    Games For Windows Live was their first attempt but I doubt they will stop there.

    I'm getting sick of MS these days. The only thing I use my MS PC for is games.. for everything else I use my macbook, it's much more efficient. If only macs had better support for gaming =[.

      I loathe iTunes and the App Store.

      They're a cross between music publishing and Xbox live :/

      I'd say Microsoft isn't any worse than Apple. They're as good or bad as Apple or any other large software/hardware corporation trying to cross markets and build user-base.

      This video is a load of corporate spin-wank, a dev team appealing to the producers/money men. Not pretty.

      But I'm sure it's just as bad as anything Apple distributes internally.
      The Apple equivalent... which would be all in silhouettes, would have everyone wearing skinny jeans while dancing about with white headphones, clutching their macbook (which is thin enough to fit under an ironic hat), just visible would be a small glowing Apple Logo at the base of the silhouettes skull... ;)

    I have nothing against a uniform platform on PC so long as it actually works. Go steam!

    Woah! Avatars shooting each other? I thought that was against some kind of MS rule on avatar use...

      Was just about to say the same thing.
      It was a little... gratifying though right?

      It would be great to be able to take out frustrations over friends' avatar item choices through first-hand violence...

    Speak for yourself. It's the exact reason PC gaming is also suffering as the fragmented market it is. We get the raw end of the stick with mplayer. I do not enjoy signing up to a billion different networks to play with a mate. It's BS frankly.

    I hope to hell the implement a base level networking system into Windows. Take it or leave it but the option should be there as a default to make it easier for everyone. Of course it's going to be Live since it's MS but who cares if it's free and works.

    It looks like the video is about integrating different services if you look at it so theres no reason Steam couldn't be tacked into it.

      Steam already has this. Friends list, open multiplayer code, etc. And exactly as you said, it's take it or leave it. And most developers leave it, sadly.

        See now it's the Steam thing that makes me think that people would not have any real issue with their whole gaming experience being blended in to one source. For a lot it has already happend.

        I think the real argument against the above video simply comes from the fact that it doesn't look like it will do it well. Unlike Steam, Microsoft have a reputation about not caring about the developers so much as just wanting to control everything.

        I would be for it if MS could get past their "looks good but hard to use" control ideas and what seemed like a really resource intensive and crash prone interface.

    so you take a compatible computer, install XboxOS, and boom, it can now play xbox games, yet retain the uses of a pc (GOOD webbrowsing and ofc everyones favorit crappy facebook games!!!!) oh and it can play PC games...

    its not a bad idea, i suppose it might get the xbox fans back over to the glorious master-race.

    i seriously doubt it though. they couldnt beat steam at its own game.

    I think I'd like to boot up my PC then start a Xbox type console interface for my PC gaming experience.
    To see all my frineds, join parties, read messages, play demos, watch videos and use the marketpalce and then play a game with all the power advantages of a PC with dedicated servers for MP. Think it would be great.
    May give a much needed boost to the PC gaming market.
    I think why wouldnt MS do this.
    They have the OS and Media Centre, now if they could just add those 20 million odd xbox live customers who probably have a PC or laptop as well it could be a big win.

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