Minecraft Maker Promises No Minecraft 2, Rejoices In Fake Awards

The truth of the matter is that Minecraft maestro Markus "Notch" Persson won five awards at the Game Developers Conference this week: an audience choice award, an indie grand prize, a best downloadable game trophy, another for innovation and one for best debut game.

That's truth.

Most of the interview I did with him after the awards this week, however, was fiction.

Except the Minecraft 2 part. He really doesn't want to make a Minecraft 2. That makes sense.


    I really like minecraft, I think its great and deserving the accolades its getting save for one reason. The game hasn't officially been "released" yet, it's still in beta and that somehow seems a bit premature unless the awards are for games in development.

    I'm fine with that. In fact it's probably a good thing looking at how the game is looking to be whenever it gets completed. Only complaint is i think it would be really cool with a graphical upgrade. Something more than that re-texture jobs available now. Don't get me wrong the game is great and I'm happy with the block graphics as they are. But i have grand visions of some of those far sweeping vistas you get from the top of mountains playing out in my head whenever I load it up.

    If he extends the beta for 3 more years imagine how many trophies he'll have.

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