Mortal Kombat Appeal Is Unsuccessful

Mortal Kombat Appeal Is Unsuccessful

We’ve just gotten word from Warner Bros that the Mortal Kombat appeal has been unsuccessful.

We have a statement from Warner Bros below. More news as we get it.

We’re obviously extremely disappointed that the refused classification decision has been upheld by the Classification Review Board. We want to thank the thousands of Mortal Kombat fans in Australia and around the world who have voiced their support during the appeal process.


      • Elected officials are there to represent their electrate.

        Support for the change has never been higher – through all facets of the community BAR religious nutjobs.

        Hence forgoing change or addressing the issue in a timely manner is in direct violation of the basis for their existance as an elected official.

        • one of those religious nutjobs was the South Australian Attorney General, and with them it’s all of them or nothing happens

  • Well, I’m kinda glad it didn’t get through. At least they know it should be for adults, instead of weazling it through for 15 year olds. Stupid system. So, the people will just happily send our dollars overseas until this place gets its act together.
    Honestly, we have the slowest moving legal system, how blooming hard can it be to make some changes??

    • I agree that the correct decision was made in the end of Mortal Kombat (Not being MA15+). We need to get an R18+ rating 5 years ago…

    • So lame.

      “Well, I’m kinda glad it didn’t get through. At least they know it should be for adults, instead of weazling it through for 15 year olds. Stupid system. So, the people will just happily send our dollars overseas until this place gets its act together.”

      Good point, I agree, kudos to Warner Bros for the way they handle the epic fail. But really the majority of the money was going overseas anyway…

    • Having played the demo I can tell you there’s nothing there that a 15 year old can’t take in their stride. The so-called ‘realism’ that the classification board is citing is nowhere to be found, so unless they got sent different video, this really would have fit into MA15+ imho.

    • Actually we don’t have a slow moving legal system unless politicians decide for it to move slowly. I was talking to someone the other day about a workplace safety incident and the law was changed to fill a gap in five days. That is five days from the incident to when it was passed by government including writing the new laws.

  • bollocks to this rubbish system. I hope WB dont edit anything to get a release. anyone who wants to play this will be importing.

    although, I do hope that when the (seemingly far off) day comes that we do have an adult rating, then WB would re-submit.

    in the meantime tho, our trans-tasman cousins will be getting a bit more business in the near future 😉

    • Sorry, but any game refused classification under the previous system will remain RCed in any new system.

      That was covered during the whole R+18 debate earlier in the year.

      • What was said was that their rating would not be reviewed unless they were asked to review it – if the rating system changes then WB can resubmit the EXACT same game and see if it makes it through the new rating system.

      • I didn’t follow it all that closely at some points, but surely a publisher has the opportunity to re-submit a game that was RC in the past to be reviewed under any new rating guidelines.

        Like to stress if the publisher chooses to do so, I don’t expect the Classification Board to simply go over them on their own accord.

        It just seems unfair to not have that ability and at the same time is slightly worrying, that perhaps they feel that some of the games wouldn’t fit even into a R18 category, which could simply mean the system won’t have changed, aside from some current MA15 games getting an R18 they already deserve.

  • Import ho.

    But thanks for trying, Warner Bros.

    With the exchange rate and the cost of getting something classified once, I for one appreciate the effort of going through the bureaucratic hassle twice.

  • Oh well.

    The kids and go get handjobs from chicks in school dresses and take steroids instead with Duke Forever…

    Cos you know, thats not as bad as beating the the living suitcase out of someone.

    • Don’t take this as gospel but they should (Australia usually is tied to the UK market and NZ is tagged into us usually).

    • As far as I know, any PAL region game will work on the Aussie Xbox 360, so yes the UK or NZ version would work.

    • Although UK are PAL, they are still a different region and would not work.

      New Zealand are in the same region so they would work fine.

      All the people above me must’ve recieved region free games, where the game can work on any xbox 360.

      But if you’re trying to ship the game in, it will be confiscated by customs. As it is illegal.

      • X360 is divided into three regions: PAL, NTSC-US, NTSC-J. PAL is the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. NTSC-US is the US and Canada. NTSC-J is Japan and most of Asia.

        A UK release will be 100% guaranteed to work on an Australian 360. They’re the same region. Microsoft may not offer any DLC to Australians though.

      • That’s wrong (and stupid) pal is a region so if it supports pal then it works here, period. I’ve imported piles of R18 games from zavvi that were banned or censored here and never had a problem with any of them working or getting through customs.

  • Just curious… Were many of you actually intetested in the game, or just the the fact that the ratings have turned it into forbidden fruit? (must have it! Coz they said I cant! Lol)

    • Well I was definitely just interested in the game. Since I heard about it back in Sept last year I was so exited. So you can understand how devastated I was when I heard about the first banning and now with this it’s just worse…
      Now I have to deal with importing and all other problems to be able to get it.

    • Yes, actually, I was interested in it from the start.
      I loved the original Mortal Kombats, although I slowly lost interest as they progressed into 3d fights and 20-step fatalities.
      I was really looking forward to the return to the 2d roots with improved graphcs and gameplay.

    • I was brought up on MK over SF, so have always been interested in the series. As other mentioned the game kinda lost it’s way over the years and it certainly good to see it returning to it’s original gameplay style.

      The forbidden fruit aspect does greatly interest me also, just like my two sealed copies of Manhunt! 🙂

  • So where do I need to buy this from to play it on my un-modded xbox360? Anyone got links to good stores I can pick up a copy that will work?

  • Well the end result is that we shouldn’t be rating adult games as suitable for teens just so adults can play them.

    Import away I guess, at least until our crappy broken system is fixed.

  • Okay, so it’s time to import, but I have a question to anyone who has imported an RC game before (either one outright RC’s like MK, or an edited version like GTAIV).

    Have customs ever caught the import – and if so, what happened?

    I understand it’s a risk to be importing an RC’d game (though I don’t know why, as aside from WA it’s not illegal to own an RC game, just illegal to buy it within Australia), and I just want to know what exactly might happen to me if I do happen to be caught by a random audit in customs. Will I get a slap on the wrist? Will I get a fine (if so, how much are we talking?)? Will they effectively confiscate the game and not ever let me have it?

    • I’ve worked in videogame retail for a few years now, and I have never ever heard of anyone being caught for importing RC software that wasn’t ridiculously pornographic.

      Additionally, I have never heard of anyone being caught in WA for owning RC media.

      • Wow, really? $5000? What’s your source?

        Even though you’ve never heard of any Jackson I guess it can still happen. If you can cop a fine of up to 5k I’m wondering if it’s even worth the risk.

        • If customs detects it they will send you a letter generally saying don’t do it again and you have been added to a registered offenders list

          they can fine you if they believe it to be extreme and you can receive a criminal conviction.

          If you are added to the registered offenders list they examine your parcels a lot closer in the future which delays all your shipments.

          • What a load of bullshit.

            How are they in any way allowed to do that? It’s not illegal to actually own this stuff (unless you live in WA). It’s just illegal to buy/sell here. If you buy overseas, I don’t know what the problem is.

            A possible criminal conviction, for buying a freaking GAME? Admittedly that outcome is probably only meant for X rated stuff or something but still, there’s a potential risk there.

            So in that “best case scenario” you mentioned if they catch you, where they send you a letter saying don’t do it again, and you are added to the registered offenders list, do you still get the game, or do they withhold it?

          • it’s illegal to import prohibited goods

            refused classification games are prohibited goods

            look up the customs act of federal parliament

          • I don’t suppose you could plead ignorance? 😛

            ie “Oh I import a lot of games, I didn’t realise this one had been RC’d”

            Clutching at straws here…

          • There is nothing in the Customs Act or the Classification Act that connects RC games and prohibited goods. That’s because the enforcement of laws regarding RC material is a matter of the State, not the Commonwealth.

            The legality of importing RC material changes from state to state; in some areas you will have your goods seized and even possibly a fine. In other areas it’s perfectly legal. In Victoria, for instance, it’s illegal to sell it, put it on freeplay, lend it or show it to a minor, keep it in a games shop or import more than 10 copies of it, but importing one copy to keep to yourself is perfectly legal.

      • Either way, there’s already alotta online game stores refusing to import mortal kombat to us. And there’s always a good chance that customs could call a blitz on RC material next month, and open anything shaped like a DVD case.

        They REALLY don’t want us playing this game…..

    • You will be fine, I’ve imported piles of R18 games from zavvi that were banned or censored here and never had a problem with any of them working or getting through customs.

    • Just put my preorder in for the kollectors edition too 😀 . Subzero and Scorpion will look very nice next to the Duke himself when that lands in May on my shelf

    • Thanks for the link my friend, been looking on there site from time to tie but had only seen the regular version, so just pre-ordered the Kollectors. Then my heart sank when I got an email with subject line ‘Important Information Regarding your Preorder’ luckily though it was just to let me know the price has dropped from 69.99 to 49.99. Fingers crossed it gets through. If not I’ve got the Tournament Edition coming from Mighty Ape.

  • I have heard a rumor that some online stores will not send copies of this game to Aus, so it could be alot harder than it needs to be. eBay is looking pretty good too.

  • Would have waited for the bargain bin now I’ll likely just wait for the cheapest import price and grab it.
    One less game I’m getting from an Australian retailer.

  • Having played the game last week (go US PS+ account) I still think more violent games even when taking context into account have got through.

  • Really wanted this game, SCREW YOU ACB!


  • ahoy! Not being a viral marketer but it’s honestly the cheapest place to buy games and free shipping too. Just don’t expect your game to arrive early though, you have to wait two weeks. Also there games are PAL region so no need to worry about the game being incompatible.

    • Mortal Kombat is currently listed as “Currently unavailable”. Is that because it’s been RC here or it just isn’t available for preorder yet?

    • You obviously haven’t checked their site since the initial RC announcement. The game is unavailable to order from there. You’ll need to look elsewhere.

  • Well, since the risk of a $5000 fine is too much to risk on importing, I’m gonna take my grievances to youtube, and make EVERYBODY miserable come release day.

  • In a way I am glad that we finally have a big game that would have generated a lot of money for Australian Retailers being rejected. Now the pressure needs to be focused on and sent to the right people.

    Well done to WB too for not making a cut version.

    • Oh shite! It does too!

      So far my pre-order is still happily sitting there so hopefully it’ll go through!

  • Well now, It’s time to hit up Play-Asia!

    Isn’t the Government glad now that they aren’t going to get tax money off a really looked forward too game? Good going, It’s going to do wonders for alot of gaming stores that are going to miss out on potential bank off this game… but hey! It’s all to protect Children who have lousy Parent’s!!

    • Play-Asia also seems to have jumped on the bandwagon with ozgameshop and have made it unavailable for Australians.

  • Hey guys, I think (the same people who run will probably be selling it to Australians.

  • Just so people are aware: strictly speaking, it is illegal to both buy a RC game locally and import from overseas.

    To that extent, it’ll be difficult to find someone reputable who’s willing to sell to Australia… but that being said, the prospects of it getting discovered (particularly in regular mail) are low and unless the material within is illegal (not the case with MK) it is not illegal to own.

    So, goodluck everyone – I know I’ll try and get a copy!

    • Unless you are in WA, in which case it is also illegal to possess material that is [or likely would be] Refused Classification.

  • Alright, so ozgameshop and play-asia are out, so whats the next best site? ebay? I wouldn’t expect to ship to Australia, they’re a big European retailer and probably wouldn’t want to be caught in anything shifty.

  • well, good news is i don’t have to take my memorial statue down from the minecraft server…

  • If Apple can get away with a 17+ for a non-WB developed MK iOS game, but WBIE can’t get its own MK game classfied here shows that our classfication system needs a major overhaul.

  • Anyone else think it’s ridiculous that the fatalities seem to have been the main reason behind this refusal to classify the game and yet type “mortal kombat 9 fatalities” into youtube and many of them are there for all the children to see.

    Guessing censoring that will be the next step, if Conroy and the like get their way.

  • Apparently I am not mature enough to see a fictional fantasy person get decapitated. But I’m mature enough to see 3 realistic looking people get sown together ass to mouth until they go septic.

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