Mortal Kombat Rated M In The US

We’re still waiting to hear the results of Mortal Kombat’s appeal here in Australia – we’ll hopefully know by tomorrow – but we’ve just gotten news that Mortal Kombat has received an M-rating in the US, a rating the the team expected. This will have no impact on the Classification Board’s decision, but once again it highlights Australia’s need for an R18+ rating for games.

It’s worth noting that while plenty of games rated M in the US are rated MA15+ in Australia. An M rating in the US signifies that the game is suitable for gamers aged 17+, and is a step below their Adults Only rating, a rating very few games have received (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Manhunt 2 are among them).

In a sense our MA15+ rating occupies the middle ground that the M rating in the US occupies, but Australia’s MA15+ rating is obviously far more stringent than the US M rating. Once again, this will have no impact on the Classification Board’s decision, but we find it frustrating to hear that our system of classification causes so many issues. In the US a game created for adults is classified accordingly – in Australia ignorance, bureaucracy and the influence of lobby groups make things infinitely more difficult.

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