Mortal Kombat's Challenge Tower Turns The Game Upside-Down

The 300 missions in the new Mortal Kombat's Challenge Tower mode will put even the most accomplished MK player's skills to the test, turning the world upside-down and offering them a teddy bear for comfort.

When I first heard about Challenge Tower, I figured it was simply 300 different Mortal Kombat fights in a row, sort of like a survival mode. Turns out I was pleasantly mistaken. Filled with shooting galleries, screen-twisting modifiers, and yes, teddy bears, Challenge Tower is where you'll most likely find me when the new Mortal Kombat hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year.


    i live in australia and i dont know if this game is gonna be released in Australia anymore. But yes once i find out aa way to get it ill be also in the challenge tower

    I'm so glad this game is going to have additional stuff like this. I live in Australia to so I'm going to have to source a copy some other way. Anyone know if this bad boy will be region locked?

      UK PAL will work with Xbox 360 and the same with PS3. I for one will be definately importing this from the UK if the appeal against it being banned fails, or if it gets dumbed down.

    Ok.. importing the shit outta this one!

    Shame I don't have $5000 lying around to risk the import.

    PS3 Region Free games FTW. I'll be getting this from Hong Kong!!

    I'm Aussie and I got it. Best value fighter game I bought. (less than $50 from HK) Its not region coded and will play. however it will be worth starting a dual HK PSN account for DLC. @Broken code - its actually closer to $100000 fine. But I doubt customs would be checking every package to come in from China.

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