Mortal Kombat's Fatalities Are Bloody As Hell

You may have heard of some of these fatalities before, but never actually seen them. Let's fix that. It's best to start at around 0:35 in, but be warned, this is graphic content, and is totally not suitable for work.


    Holy hell.
    I can see why this didnt get shoe-horned into an MA+ Rating, that stuff is intense.

    the graphics were crap, y would they ban it here?

      The graphics are not crap, the video is cam footage. Having played the demo, I can tell you that it looks fantastic and the fatalities are gruesome. Very disappointed it was banned here.

    And the fact you can view this stuff for free online further trivialises the banning of it here. If people want to see this stuff, they will.

      Part of the internet filter which Conroy wants to introduce will be the banning of online content (in this case) showing footage of a banned game.
      If the game is banend in Australia, then conroy wants to ban the web sites for the game and (for example) YouTube pages showing the footage.

    They aren't nothing its so over the top and fake, I would let a 15 year old play it. Hell if it encourages the criminally inclined to mug people using a hat rather than a knife where is the harm?? Then again I spent 5 years working in a slaughterhouse so my perspective might be off.

      I'd rather my hypothetical 13-16yo play/see MK than a 'realistic' war shooter. Kids raving about ripping guts out etc seems pretty normal to me, but I find the obsession that many of that age group seem to have with games simulating modern wars somewhat disturbing.

    im surprised the classification board got the button pushes right to view the fatalities!

    This is just a real sick joke at our expense. The ACB and customs are dead set on making sure we don't play the game, and yet the stuff they feel is so damaging to our society, is freely available on the internet. It's like dangling a bunch of grapes over a bound man.

      So what are you saying, they should censor the internet? I would hope not.

      There is probably just about any horrible act you can imagine on the internet, then there's things like pornography and people showing themselves doing illegal thing. Just because they are there doesn't mean that I would want it in a game, especially a game available for teenagers.

      I think the grapes analogy is a little off too, as I don't need over the top violence to live, and I would hope noone does.

      What I think you mean more is that we shouldn't have censorship anywhere, which is something I personally agree with. But I wouldn't use the internet as an example, as I'm sure there are plenty of people that if they knew what was on the net, would want it censored too.

      .....who really likes.....grapes??

    Yeah 'cause I haven't seen that AND worse in movies before.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting MK here, I'm pissed that it's banned, but movies are different because they have an 18+ rating, so they almost never get RC.

    woahhh, them legs would beat Chun-Li's!

    How could you show this? Think of the children.
    Ban it BAN IT NOW!!!

    Hehehe we all need to contact the Attorney General and display our displeasure of the lack of an R18 rating, the inconsistency and sheer hypocrisy is unacceptable.

    2 years later and still nothing!

    Found this article which is interesting.

    I so whant this game aw well

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