Mortal Kombat's Tag Team Ninja Throwdown Is A Glorious Spectacle

Scorpion and Sub-Zero square off against Cyrax and Sektor in the ultimate ninja-on-ninja battle. Come for the fighting, stay for the scenery!

We've seen plenty of fighting footage from Netherrealm Studios' next Mortal Kombat by now, but most of it has been against a backdrop of the treacherous hellscapes of the Netherrealm itself. It's refreshing to see four ninja getting down and dirty on an Earthrealm rooftop, even if that rooftop is in the midst of a city besieged by dark forces.

Keep an eye out for the military chopper chasing a dragon through the skies of the city, and the ad for Johnny Cage's finest role yet.

Mortal Kombat hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 19.


    I need this game, damn you lack of Australian R18+ rating. :_:

    I'm taking the chance with imports, and still keeping my fingers crossed for Tag Team Fatalities.

      I might have to take a holiday somewhere just so I can bring this back with me >.<

    Sub Zero is so badass, he freezes the guy filming the fight!

    "Mortal Kombat hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 19" -- not around these parts, it doesn't.

    But, Sub-Zero and Scorpion working together? That's not canon!

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