Mortal Kombat's Thunder God Steps Into The Ring

There's gonna be big trouble in Little China when Raiden tosses his wok-shaped hat into the Mortal Kombat tournament.

We all know Raiden's story. After failing to take down Jack Burton during the Little China incident, Raiden transformed from inept villain to slightly more ept do-gooder, talking the Elder Gods into letting humanity battle the evil forces of Shao Khan from invading the Earthrealm.

After watching humanity battle for a few minutes, Raiden decided that he'd better just do this himself, because humanity sucked.

Then he helped bring down Metal Gear Ray.

Mortal Kombat hits the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 on April 19.


    is it just me or does Raiden seem a bit OP

    Looks good, I might pick this up.

    Oh, wait .. :(

    Is there anyway we can stop international stories hyping the release of Mortal Kombat from being shown on the Australian site, the more i see them the more pissed off i get at the current situation down here.

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