Nazi Dinosaur Battles A Reality When Dino D-Day Deploys In April

You know what World War II games need more of? Dinosaurs. Specifically, Nazi dinosaurs, the kind one can send into multiplayer battles, huge cannons strapped to their cold-blooded backs! We'll do so with Dino D-Day, the long in the making multiplayer mod for Valve's Source engine.

Dino D-Day will officially release on April 8, but you can pre-order the game as of right now, cheaply. The PC game pits nine human classes and three dinosaur classes... er, species - Velociraptor, Dilophosaur, Desmatosuchus - in mortal combat with era-appropriate weapons and presumably accurate reptilian melee attacks.

If you'd like a taste of Dino D-Day's Axis vs Allies vs dinosaur gameplay, a singleplayer Half-Life 2 mod is already available for download.

Dino D-Day [Steam]


    Multiplayer only, thanks but no thanks...


      While the initial release is MP only, the team IS going to be releasing the SP as well, just not in time for the schedule release.

      single player is moving along quite well as is the mac port!!

    I think is the more important dinosaur game coming out in April :D

    "..huge cannons strapped to their cold blooded backs!"
    Careful, you'll start a dino-nerd war over the supposed metabolic activity of dinosaurs..

      Well this is on the basis if you think dinosaurs were all cold blooded, they may have been as varied as species today with both warm and cold blooded. Personally, the range of dinosaurs they've found which have been proven to have feathers (including raptors etc.) probably would have been warm blooded creatures, similarly your larger species (as above) probably too would have been warm blooded... but that's just me.

    Dinosaurs. Nazis. World War 2. About time

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