New, Censored Version Of Schoolgirl Shoot ’em Up Gal Gun

New, Censored Version Of Schoolgirl Shoot ’em Up Gal Gun

Japanese Xbox 360 game Gal Gun is less of a schoolgirl ogle-fest than before, thanks to a new update – dubbed the *ahem* “Protect Panties Patch” – that puts new limits on just how lecherous the game and its players can be.

As previously noted, publisher Alchemist recently patched Gal Gun to limit just how low the game’s prying camera could go. Gone are the days that Gal Gun players can perform upskirt peeks at high school girls after dizzying them with their “pheromone shot”, thanks to newly instituted forced modesty.

New comparison shots of the Xbox 360 game from Andriasang illustrate the limits to which one can investigate and photograph pantsu. Gone is the worm’s-eye view.

It’s not just the player’s exposure to underwear during these moments that has changed. Alchemist also issued the following… fix?

Gal Gun before patch

Gal Gun after patch

See? It’s so much more tasteful now!

More Examples of Gal Gun’s Camera Patch [Andriasang]

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