New Dead Island Screens Highlight Dead People, Islands

We're not exactly swimming in new visuals of the hyped zombie getaway game Dead Island - and what we're seeing here we feel like we've seen before - but another look at this undead curiosity is still interesting to us at Kotaku.

Given the slow drip of new media for this horror adventure, we have a feeling we're going to be seeing more from Dead Island often leading up to its release later this year.


    Second picture reminds me of that old Jurassic Park game "Trespasser"...

    i was uninterested in this game, then i found out it was being made by techland, now im interested


    +1 for new game classification system for Australia BEFORE Dead Island is released.

    Looks awesome. I just hope they don't overdo it on the "special" enemies, it may detract from the stark realism (albeit with walking dead) that the game implies.

    Im just happy that the straight jacket guy isn't 20 feet tall anymore.

    what could a zombie do to you if he's tied up in a straight jacket? reminds me of this.

    far cry mod?

      if this were facebook i would "like" your comment ;)

    Are you going to get eaten by zombie Piranhas if you jump into that beautiful looking water to escape?

    According to Steam Dead Island is Not available in Australia :(

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