New Look At X-Men Destiny And Its Teenage Mutant Ninja Girl

The last time we got a look at X-Men Destiny, the merry mutant adventure from the House of Ideas and Silicon Knights, it didn't look too hot. But our latest look at the game and new X-character Aimi Yoshida has us warming up to Activision's latest.

Yoshida, pitched as a minute 15-year-old Japanese immigrant, is "small in size but strong in mental focus". She's a "mutant ability expert" and "specialises in efficient mutant power usage". More on her back story, direct from the source:

Smuggled out of Japan by her mutant parents before the entire family could be rounded up and incarcerated in the new mutant camps, Aimi arrives in San Francisco hidden on a tanker ship. She is too young and frightened to appreciate her parents' motivations for sending her away, and instead feels only the bitterness and anger of abandonment.

Click your way through the gallery above to see Aimi mix it up with Gambit, Colossus and more mutant pals from X-Men Destiny, due to hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.


    You know what would be an interesting boss fight? One where you are the lumbering giant instead and a tiny enemy is jumping around trying to hit your weak spot.
    The standard formula is getting a bit stale imo.

    This whole game looks iffy. What's with the ridiculous outdated x-men cosutmes?! This isn't 1989...

      It's corny and cheesy and AWESOME!

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