New Uncharted Trailer Has Drake In A Suit

It's been a big day for Uncharted news - check out our interview for more insight into Uncharted 3's development - but now there's a new trailer in the wild that gives us a major look at Uncharted 3's new direction.

Richard Lemarchand spoke about how Uncharted 3 would focus more on Victor 'Goddamn' Sullivan, and that definitely comes through in this new footage. We're loving the performances of the new villains in particular.

UNCHARTED 3 Lights Up GDC With 3D, Villainess Katherine Marlowe [PlayStation Blog]


    I want the Jason Statham looking guy to be played by Jason Statham. Becuase Uncharted could definitely pull it off. And it'd be awesome.

      I want the Helen Mirren looking lasy to be played by Helen Mirren. Because Uncharted could definitely pull it off. And it’d be awesome.

    Why are all of the bad guys in the Uncharted universe British?

      Because British people are evil until proven good. It's a well known life fact.

        I see. Makes sense.

          No offense to our resident British Kotaku editor, of course ;)

    I'm just going to guess and say that that will be the cut scene some time after the fire level? He still has the ring around his neck in the fire level.

    Nice reference to Drake's notebook there. The drawings and notes in that thing were the most hilarious parts of Uncharted 2.

    I know I'll never be cool as Drake, but he's such a charming motherfucker.

    Oh, who am I kidding. 68 year old Harrison Ford is STILL the best Drake.

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