NGP Is 4 Times More Powerful Than…

NGP Is 4 Times More Powerful Than…

We’ve established that the Sony’s upcoming portable wonder-machine, the NGP, isn’t quite as powerful as a PlayStation 3. Further clarifying how much this thing can bench press, Epic’s Mark Rein tells us that the device, which can run his company’s Unreal graphics engine (think Gears of War, Mass Effect, Infinity Blade, etc), has four times the power of any other portable device Unreal’s been running on, including the iPad 1. (iPad 2 not factored into this claim, he said!)


  • NGP smokes the original iPad.

    GPU shader ALUs are 16 times more powerful in a quad-core SGX543 vs the single 535 in iPad 1.

    The 4-core A9 in the NGP will be more than 4 times as powerful as the iPad’s single A8.

    That’s then excluding the benefits of getting down to the hardware in a closed system.

    Comparing to iPad 2, it’s likely twice as powerful as that. It sounds like iPad 2 has a dual-core SGX543.

  • I didn’t think the Ipad was all that impressive when it came to power? A comparison to current or last generation consoles would be more apt. For instance is it more powerful than the Wii? That would be interesting.

  • only nerds and diehard fans will by this. i dont see the average consumer wanting to fork out $500+ for a handheld console. sony need to stop compromising with powerful specs and do something creative and original for once. i smell another fail at aiming at the casual consumer market with this thing.

    • Can I just say, Snookie, you can not spell, or use grammar properly. Also, the reason sony sell these consoles is for what they are, I mean, come on, 3D? I don’t see the hype in that at all, neither did all the poor bastards that bought the VisualBoy.

      The PSP and the NGP are sold as flat out gaming consoles, a handheld version of what people have always loved on the television screen, that is, high-grade graphics, with push-button functionality. Yes, the NGP has a touch screen, but I’d imagine it’s get used just about as much as the microphone has been used in both systems.

      So, basically, the NGP is a powerhouse, a TV in your hands, something that should be enjoyed for the marvel of fantastic games, and amazing graphics.

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