NGP To Be Priced At $US250, But Also $US350?

NGP To Be Priced At $US250, But Also $US350?

Thanks to Sony Europe, we already know that there’ll be two models of the NGP handheld. But a survey taken by some of our readers suggests the price difference between those models might be vast.

A survey conducted yesterday by research firm Toluna, and sponsored by publishers Ubisoft (it was labelled “Ubisoft- NGP concept- US Adults”), says that “the retail price of the Sony NGP is expected to be around $US350”, and asks the respondent “How likely would you be to purchase the Sony NGP now that you know this retail price?”

That’s for the premium model, the one with 3G. The next question, however, says that the version of the NGP shipping without 3G connectivity will be priced considerably lower: at $US250.

Of course, being a survey conducted by a third-party publisher and not Sony itself, these prices could well be pure conjecture. The fact it’s such a major publisher, though, and that it’s so confidently worded, means those prices are at least worth bearing in mind.


  • Seriously can’t see these prices becoming reality based on the tech inside them, BUT if these prices did come about, that would possibly mean we would get hit with the $399-$450 and $499-$550 options.

    Have launch day games of WipEout, Ridge Racer & Everybody’s Golf and they can have my bank details!

  • Couldn’t care less about 3G. I want this baby for my commute so I can *hopefully* play the wealth of ps2 games which I’ve never had the time for.

  • Yeah, I can’t see 3G being a biggie – wifi is everywhere if you need to be connected. Same price as the 3DS? Nintendo might not be top dog forever…

  • Same as above.. no region locking towards games (shouldn’t be as handhelds are mostly not) I’ll be happy to import

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