Nintendo Not Competing With Mobile Game Prices

The 3DS is close to release, and with most people happy to swallow the $350RRP price point, the real issue is the price of the games themselves - especially in light of cheap mobile gaming - but Hideki Konno, 3DS Project Lead has come stating that Nintendo will "not be competing with that."

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has already been highly critical of the current game market, and the way in which cheap disposable games are devaluing broader console experiences so, as you'd expect, Nintendo will compete with the smartphone market by attempting to create high quality content.

"We're not going to try to match that," claimed Konno, "we're just going to continually strive to not just maintain, but increase, the quality of the entertainment that we're providing, and let it sort itself out. Again, we're not worried about competing at a price point level."

It'll be interesting to see how successful the 3DS is in comparison to its predecessor. The Nintendo DS was released before smart phone use was ubiquitous, but how will Nintendo's old school concept of portable play wash in this new environment?

Personally I'm pulling for Nintendo. I love disposable portable gaming as much as the next person, but I'm hoping that the 3DS will prove there is still room for high quality, premium content in the handheld space.

Konno: Nintendo 'Not Worried' About 3DS Competing With Mobile Game Prices [Gamasutra]


    Looking at 3DS launch titles, I can say for certain that their intent to push for quality is either a lie or has already failed.

    For a $60AUD game, I want it to be at least 30x as satisfying as the best you can get on iOS, but that's far from the case...

    Nintendo should have dropped their prices by half (in Australia); then I'd care.

    Mind you, then we'd be at US prices, so £&@% you, Nintendo, and your discriminatory price gouging...

      Looking at the launch games, how many are from Nintendo? Yes there will be various shovelware on it because it's a popular machine.

      Pilotwings looks good, Zelda will probaly end up being purchased by me, (cause you know I need 4 copies of the damn game).

      Paper Mario, Mario Kart, all these are good games that are coming, Nintendo are holding off on their 1st party titles because they are courting the 3rd party companies. If your choice of 3DS game included Mario Kart would you even look at Asphalt or Ridge Racer?

    anyone got an idea on how much "Not competeing" will cost us? I buy very few DS games and even fewer Wii games these days so if they want me to drop my hard earned money-points on their games, then they should be affordable.

    Currently I can buy and download PS1 masterpieces to play on my PSP at $9 - $16. While not new, they compare very favourably with some of the gumf on the DS. I don't expext that kind of "value" (Apparently we don't say "price" anymore) but $60 would be fair. Especially as we can no long import from the US....

      JB seem to be taking preorders for Rayman 3D on the 3DS for $75. That's too much for a remake of Rayman 2. $55 then maybe... I still wouldn't buy it, but it would look more reasonable.

        If you pre-order through BigW, you get the 3DS, Accessories kit and your choice or Rayman 3D or Ghost Recon for $350.

    That's fine and I agree with most of it... BUT WHY ARE 3DS GAMES $70?!

    Corporations need to understand that they do not determine their competitors, the consumer does.

    Good on them. Obviously the Aussie prices are horribly gouged, but the US ones are quite reasonable. I would much rather pay $40 for a quality game than half that, or less, for some piece of crap.

      Bottom line: I don't want 10 minute timewasters on my 3DS, I want them to continue to deliver epic, full lengh games, like Pokemon, Professor Layton, Pheonix Wright and Okamiden, and I understand that these games are a little more expensive to develop than some guy who just changes the sprites for a flash game.

        I consider Pokemon rehash... so not worth full price. In addition that, Nintendo never drop the price of them games (eg. Mario 64 DS still sell at full price), which is a rip off.

    "Again, we’re not worried about competing at a price point level."

    You better be worried about competing on price considering it is a major factor people consider when, ya know, buying things.

    Even if you are making full fledged games compared to the disposable ones people still need to feel like they're not paying an unreasonable price relative to those cheaper disposable games.

    My opening titles for the 3DS will be Pokemon (got it today!) and (finnishing) Dungeon Quest IX :D
    That and all the built in stuff.
    I am willing to wait for Zelda (mind you I have a birthday in April, if anyone wants to send me 3DS games as presents i won't say no! :D)

    I salute you nintendo.

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