Nintendo Responds To The 3DS Black Screen Of Death

Some early reports from consumers stated that some 3DS units were suffering from the 'black screen of death' - an error message that forced some users to return their console. Nintendo has acknowledged the issue and given advice to those who have encountered the problem.

"If anyone is experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console, we recommend that in the first instance they download and install the latest system update, now available online," claimed Nintendo, in a statement given to Eurogamer.

"If the problems still persist we recommend they contact their local Nintendo Customer Service centre to investigate the problem further."

We haven't had any similar problems with our units, but it seems like the issue is widespread enough for Nintendo to comment on it - something to be aware of for those of you picking up a 3DS this Thursday.

Nintendo comments on 3DS error screen [Eurogamer]


    never buy 1st generation anything
    paying premium price for questionable products

      Exactly. People paying the most amount of money that the item will ever be, for what will always later prove to be the most bug ridden and problem laden version of its release. Good work.

        I don't believe that is always the case, the 1st Gen for some are the ones that are built sturdy and carefully.

        I'm perfectly content with my track record with games consoles.

        PSone - Not day one, maybe 10mth into release, still works
        PS2 - Day 1, no dramas, still works
        PSP - Day 1, no dramas, still works
        Wii - Day 1, no dramas, still works
        360 - approx 2 years into release, had one failure (RROD) about 14mths after purchase (arguably, the worst console hardware ever though)
        PS3 - Day 1, 1 failure, YLOD, just shy of 4 years since purchase

        The flip side is that sometimes with console revisions the manufactures start using cheaper parts which can be prone to more failure.

          too true! anyone remember the launch water cooled dreamcasts??!?

          My day-one GCN and Wii still work fine.

          Our PS1 failed after a month or 2 but was promptly replaced. And of course my Xbox 360 failed. fkn M$

      I have the original version of every console I own and am very happy that I have done so. I see little sense in waiting for what I see as relatively minor upgrades.

      But that's just me. Guess I'm weird.

    And what a reply!

      What a reply to the reply!

        What a reply to a reply to a reply!

          What a reply to the reply to the reply to the reply!

    I feel sorry for those people who have imported from usa and get this haha there screwed...

      Honestly I think they are a bit stupid for doing it.

      1. You won't be able to buy Nintendo store items.
      2. After postage your only saving $20 if you got one from JB.
      3. You will need to be reliant on Play Asia and Amazon to buy your games forever.
      4. You will need to wait for any games you order to arrive.
      5. If your smart and shop around, its only about $10 more for the games.
      6. Like you said, you might be screwed on the warranty side.
      7. You will need to rely on a 110-240v power transformer to keep your 3DS charged. They cost about $80 from stores (about $50 online) and if it blows (which might happen after a while if you use it all the time to charge it) you need to buy another or deal with having no options to charge your machine.

      With all these factors, paying a little bit more is worth ALLLLL the convenience.

        Importing Nintendo products has never had anything to do with saving $$$$... Its all about getting to play the games that never get released here(Thats a huge list) or games that take 6 months to a year to be released here after every other country gets it. Nintendo hates Australian gamers...FACT!!!

        There's tons of reasons to import the 3ds.

        1. $10-20 per game probably doesn't sound like much, but consider how long the 3ds is going to be around, and how many games you'll be buying total, and you'll be saving a LOT of money in the end.
        2. Being forced to import all games is no big deal. Playasia ships fast, and the shipping costs almost nothing, especially if you buy multiple games at once.
        3. Region locking. If you import, you don't have to worry at all about whether or not games will even be released here, and in a timely fashion (hello Phoenix Wright). I have little faith that Nintendo's Aussie releases will all be on the ball either, considering the massive delay on Brawl, and the much more recent wait for Kirby's Epic Yarn.
        4. Where did you hear that you won't be able to access the store? If it works like the DSi, then you'll have access to the US store instead, which usually has a bigger selection anyway.

        I agree it might be a little foolish to import immediately, in case problems surface with the eShop, but saying it's stupid to import altogether is a little daft.

    Hopefully mine doesn't experience these issues

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