No Game Will Make You Look And Sound As Ridiculous As Pah!

In a distant future where voice controls have completely replaced the need for physical buttons, a starship captain sits at his helm watching asteroids grow ever-larger on the view screen, desperately shouting "PAH!"

Imagining that scenario really doesn't help take the edge off Luck7 Labs voice-controlled iPhone game Pah!, which has players emitting a constant stream of strange noises in order to manoeuvre their spaceship through an asteroid field. Intoning "Ahhh" at differing volumes moves the ship up and down, while shouting "Pah!" (or in my case, "Dah!") fires the cannons.

You can't play this game without looking like you've gone completely insane. I tried playing it earlier with my fiancée in the room, and she's since disappeared. I don't know where she is, or if she'll be back. I can't say I blame her.

Still, I imagine the game would be a great deal of fun given the right public locations and sufficient quantities of alcohol. Next time someone suggests a game like this to me, I'm getting hammered first.

In closing, PAH!

Pah! [iTunes App Store]



    Easily the funniest video I've ever seen on Kotaku :D

    That game looks extremely lame

    isn't there a similar game coming out where you say pew

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