Now Is A Good Time For Sony To Remind Us How Good The PlayStation 3 Is At 3D

With the North American release of the Nintendo 3DS right around the corner, Sony releases a sexy infographic declaring it The Year of 3D on the PlayStation 3 System.

I'd say there's room for both the 3DS and the PlayStation 3 when it comes to 3D gaming in 2011. They really are two different animals. One is inexpensive, portable, and doesn't work very well, while the other is meant to be a fixture in your living room, features plenty of big-name gaming titles, works like a charm, and costs a large amount of money. There's something for everyone!

Check out Sony's big 3D numbers below to see how well the third dimension is being received on the system.

PS3 Leads 3D in 2011 [PlayStation Blog]


    Sports illustrated swimsuit in 3D? That's really going to be their flaship product? Thanks for expecting the worst of gamers.

    Don't kid yourself and call the 3ds inexpensive. Apart from that single word great article.

    Maybe it can be year of Sony buying me one of those ridiculously expensive 3D TVs. Because really, spending that much for just the 3D feature is a bit much to ask

    3DS 3D doesn't work well? Kotaku seems to be the only website consistently saying that.

      It doesn't work well. I'd rather have dorky glasses than dorky 3d anyday. With the 3ds it can only make objects 2 inches deep at max. That is not good 3d.

    Motorstorm Apocalypse... Didn't sony decide to not release that game due to large Earth quakes everywhere? Or will it just be severely delayed.

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