NVIDIA Shows Off 'Fastest Graphics Card In The World'

NVIDIA calls the GeForce GTX 590 the world's fastest graphics card and quietest dual GPU, but all I can think is: My new PC is now officially outdated.


    Going to put two of these in my June build. Good times.

      I was just about to buy two GTX580s for my new PC. Now I have to wait for benchmarks, and for the damn thing to be released if it turns out to be better than 2xGTX580s. I also wonder how much power it uses and how much heat is generated compared to 2xGTX580s.

    6990 called...

    Funny, because the 6990 is cheaper and yet performs on par and sometimes better, looking at the charts

    How does Multi-screen work in this case? I heard that with Nvidia they need 2 cards to support 3 screens. With ATI Eyefinity you only need a single GPU... so would I need to get 2 GTX-590 to support 3 screens?

    The GTX 590 is two underclocked 580s. So two 580s in SLI are obviously going to be better. Then again is you watercool the sucker and clock it to stock or over then......BAM!

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