NYC's Freedom Tower Stands Tall In New Video Game

Almost 10 years since terrorists destroyed New York City's World Trade Center towers, the building that was supposed to proudly replace it still isn't complete.

In the 2023 of the new video game Crysis 2, it is.

This is the Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center - whatever you want to call it - a proud landmark in a damaged city.

The game in which it is featured, Crysis 2, is a first-person shooter that's mostly about the gunning down of the soldiers and aliens who have set upon a wrecked Manhattan.

The game's lead creator, German-based Cevat Yerli, once told me he sees New York as "the pride of mankind." He said this to me last April, when he visited the city and marvelled at its grandeur again. It is a place that signifies what people can aspire to achieve, he'd said to me. In his game, he and his team at development studio Crytek have built the still-unreal monument to that effort, a tower meant to signify freedom and recovery, though its construction has been snarled in so many human failings and struggles.

In the 2023 of video games, at least, the Freedom Tower is a pristine monument upright and unscratched.


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