Ocarina Of Time’s Master Quest Confirmed For 3DS

Ocarina Of Time’s Master Quest Confirmed For 3DS

Nintendo has confirmed that the Master Quest, a companion to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that features new dungeons and puzzles, will be a part of the game’s upcoming release for Nintendo 3DS.

The confirmation was made by a Nintendo representative at the 2011 Game Developers Conference, in this video with Conservative New Media. They couldn’t get him to give up the game’s release date, but this detail is assuredly exciting for longtime fans of the highly acclaimed original.

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest, for the GameCube, was originally given as a pre-order bonus for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (and a GameCube bundle sold in Walmart.) It uses the same engine and plot of Ocarina of Time, released on the Nintendo 64, but its dungeons and puzzles have been reconfigured.

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  • Wait, so that means Master Quest will be included in the OoT remake, or it will a seperate game altogether?

    • The article does actually answer your question if you read it properly.

      Can not wait for this to come out. My guess June 30th release.

  • I got to play this game on the 3DS a few weeks ago, I have never played this game on the 64 but the 3D looks awesome for this game! Im getting this game.


  • That sucks if they change the dungeons a bit. I don’t really care because its zelda they can’t do anything wrong with it:p
    But yeah I’d rather it like the first Zelda where when u beat the game a new adventure beings.

    • If it’s anything like the Gamecube version, you can choose the regular version or the master quest version when you start the game.

    • It won’t be. Master Quest has 90% commonality with vanilla OoT. And the dungeons are just separate boots (I’m assuming it’s like the GCN Zelda Collector’s Edition).

      Think of Master Quest as a nice freebie like the Mario 64 DS additions over the original (game-breaking Luigi aside).

  • This actually starting to sound much better. I was getting irritated with the lack of content shown and supported by the game. A release of Master Quest along with OoT is certainly an improvement.

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