Our First Fleeting Glimpse Of The New Tribes Game

Our First Fleeting Glimpse Of The New Tribes Game

Fans of the deep, strategic, jetpack-powered combat of Tribes have been clamoring for a new game since the 2004 release of Tribes: Vengeance. Hi-Rez Studios delivers this year with Tribes: Ascend, a downloadable game for Xbox 360 and PC.

Hi-Rez already had a pretty good head start on creating a Tribes game in their massively-multiplayer online shooter Global Agenda. In that Unreal Engine 3 powered game, teams in combat armour jetpacked their way across futuristic landscapes, participating in massive multiplayer battles with other players.

In the Unreal Engine 3 powered Tribes: Ascend, players will likely be doing something quite similar.

We first thought Tribes was coming back in 2009, when gaming portal InstantAction teased a new version of Starsiege: Tribes playable in a web browser. InstantAction went down last year, and Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios revealed that they were the new holders of the Tribes licence.

Hi-Rez teased a persistent-world version of the game called Tribes Universe. While that game is still on the way, Ascend is coming out first.

“Before Halo, before Modern Warfare, and before Battlefield, there was Tribes,” says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO. “Tribes fans appreciate the game’s essence – athletic FPS combat combined with teamwork and strategy. As we began development of Tribes Universe, we focused first on capturing that essence – refining and modernising iconic elements like jetpacks, skiing and vehicles. We’ve had tremendous fun play-testing and realised the potential of a multiplayer focused title ahead of Tribes Universe. The community has been waiting for a multi-player shooter that is the modern successor to T2. Tribes: Ascend is that game.”

We’ll no doubt see more of Tribes: Ascend as the year progresses. Seeing as Hi-Rez Studios is only three exits down from me off of Georgia 400, maybe it’s time for a road trip.

Also, I tip my hat to Hi-Rez for calling the game Ascend, a name so easily bastardised should the game not live up to expectations.


  • What. The. FUCK?!

    It’s just a fucking CONSOLE DOWNLOADABLE?

    Well, that’s completely killed any interest I might have had in the game. And to think, it was one of the few games I was really anticipating hearing more about. Must consoles ruin EVERYTHING for PC gamers?

    • I’m not sure if you noticed while you were dashing your head on the wall over there, but it did say “Xbox 360 and PC”.

    • I’m going to assume in your spluttering rage you missed this part of the first paragraph: “Hi-Rez Studios delivers this year with Tribes: Ascend, a downloadable game for Xbox 360 and PC”

      • I can (and will) argue that publishers prompted piracy by simplifying their games to the point where they were no longer of interest to PC gamers.

        It depends on how general you feel like being.

      • So long as PC gaming has existed, so has Piracy. To blame the down turn of PC gaming on piracy is being naive. Piracy does not hurt gaming as much as people say, and happens on the consoles as well.

        The advantages of console gaming is what is pushing it’s popularity, and in turn hurting PC gaming somewhat. However PC gaming is still alive, and always will be, pirates or no.

  • Oh man I used to love tribes, I hope this does really recapture the fun, it caused me many a lost night’s sleep.

    • Don’t fool yourself. There might have always been PC game piracy but P2P networks cranked it up order of magnitudes.

      You might think it hasn’t had an effect, but it doesn’t matter what you think. The developers and publishers think it.

      Crytek’s president said “I believe that’s the core problem of PC gaming, piracy. To the degree PC gamers that pirate games inherently destroy the platform.”

      Epic Games president Mike Capps said, “We still do PC, we still love the PC, but we already saw the impact of piracy: it killed a lot of great independent developers and completely changed our business model.” Google it. You’ll find a bunch more, including id saying similar things.

  • The problem is, people who pirate any given title were not going to buy the game anyways.

    Quality titles still get buys. Quality studios get buys.

    It is absurd for a developer to look at a number of completed downloads for a PC title and say “wow that is a million lost sales”.

    No that is about 1,000 lost sales.

  • Bottom line, if this “game” has closed maps without infinite terrain, it is not “Tribes.” “Tribes” Vengeance was a pathetic little perversion of Tribes using the stupid Unreal engine. This looks to be much the same.

  • Cant wait to play this…hopefully it doesn’t completely disgust me like Vengeance did. From what I’ve seen of the gameplay though this looks promising.

    • Ive played Tribes since the first one and I’d absolutely love to waste some more of my life playing into the night with Tribes haha

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