Our First Look At The Bloody Ninja Gaiden III In Action

See what it's like to be stabbed repeatedly by Ninja Gaiden star Ryu Hayabusa in this, the first teaser video for Team Ninja's next project, Ninja Gaiden III.

The third Ninja Gaiden game, according to its creators "will take fans on an epic journey as they discover a side of their hero that has never been revealed". Team Ninja teases that with an near-unmasking of Ryu at the end of this clip that's sure to taunt fans of the series' brand of demon and ninja-slicing action.

Ninja Gaiden III is also planned to "introduce this franchise to a broader audience while at the same time retaining the legendary challenge that has drawn hardcore gamers to the series for years". And even though Tecmo Koei is starting the teasing the week of GDC, expect to see much more of the game at E3 2011, where a playable demo will be present.

The next Ninja Gaiden is currently planned for a 2012 release.


    hey that looks like mortal ko--- banned.

      My girlfriend just said the same thing.

      Wow Australia sucks.

      If they did ban it then it would be evidence of their inconsistency. Ninja Gaiden II on 360 was a blur a blood, guts and flying appendages.

    Oh yeah! So much blood and realistic violence! Shame us aussies will never get to play it :(

    Nothing to see here...keep on moving....I said, nothing to see here....

    Please don't let this game be refused classification...

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