Own The Art Of Alice: Madness Returns Before The Game

We won't be able to get our hands on Alice: Madness returns the game until June 14. Luckily Dark Horse's gorgeous 184 page hardcover art book for the game will be here in May to tide us over.

Due for publication on May 11, The Art of Alice offers fans an unprecedented look at the creative vision behind American McGee's disturbing reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll's classic. This unique collaboration between publisher Dark Horse and developer Spicy Horse might be the best thing to come of the union of two horses since My Friend Flicka, which could probably use a dark American McGee re-imagining of its own.

Dark Horse was kind enough to send Kotaku a smattering of preview pages for the epic art book, which we're more than happy to share.

The Art of Alice is due out in May from Dark Horse for $US34.99.


    This may just be the first game art book I buy...

    I want! Awesome awesome awesome!

    Very cool, would definately get some of those for the missus

    American McGee is kind of like Tim Schafer if he were in touch.

    I'm interested.

    Are there typically parallel, and different, releases of art books in different countries? If there's going to be an Australian release (maybe with a different cover), I guess I should wait for that. Otherwise, the pre-order price is delicious :).

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