Pac-Man Cookies Make Me Happy

Weird confession time - I actually love cooking and do most of the cooking in my house. But the one thing missing from my repertoire is the ability to make cookies shaped like the ghosts from Pac-Man, and Pac-Man himself. But now, thanks to Seamus' wife of all people, I can make the Pac-Man cookies I've always dreamed of…

My wife has been known to make me cookies - which is the best. I will now risk divorce by buying these cookie cutters for our anniversary, to subtly suggest that she needs to make me more.

Wish me luck folks…

Pacman Cookie Cutter Set 4pce [Peter's Of Kensingtons]


    Do want.

    Whatever the outcome, at least it's better than "Get in the kitchen and bake me a cake bitch!"

    pac-man was originally called puckman, they changed it cos ppl could turn the p into a f. movies can be educational.

    I think the word you wanted was "biscuit". We're not quite Americans yet mate.

      We still call them 'cookie cutters'

    There's nothing wrong with loving to cook.. Not in this day and age at least.

      I love cooking, I make an awesome lemon merange pie... but with all these damn cooking shows one every channel, every night, and the shops being saturated with cook books... I think it'll become very unhip, very soon.

        BAH, let it become unhip.
        those of us that enjoy cooking and good food will still be there slaving over a hot stove.

        made an awesome traditional carbonara for Wifey the other night, the meal i cooked for her on our first 'date', winner again ;)

        Pacman cutters ftw! my kids would love them.

        Did. you. just. say. Lemon. Meringue. Pie.

        Can we be friends?

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