Padded Bikinis Finally Come To Video Games

Padded Bikinis Finally Come To Video Games

Large breasts and video games are not strangers. But apparently, sometimes breasts are not large enough? Sometimes they need a little help? The latest downloadable content for Xbox 360 game The Dream Club Zero is doing just that.

The newly released DLC offers players an array of costumes like a “Fox Mask” or a “Samba Carnival” outfit. But the article of clothing that is drawing the most attention is the light blue polka dotted “Upgrade Swimsuit”.

Available for 480 Microsoft Points, making it the priciest DLC of the new batch, the Upgrade Swimsuit just does that, upgrades.

Expect nothing less from Dream Club, a game that allows players to get drunk virtually as well as feed hostess bananas and sausages. Oh, and smear ice cream on their face. Forgot that!

『ドリームクラブZERO』でおっぱいが大きくなる水着が配信開始!!! [はちま起稿]

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