PAX East Cosplay Day 1, From Assassins To Valkyria Chronicles

People dressed up as video game characters for PAX East here in Boston (I think most were supposed to be video game characters).

Some tried harder than others.

Some just stood inside giant mech suits.

Some were paid to cosplay, and some did it for the love. There was even someone cosplaying as a reporter for Kotaku!


    Had to laugh at the Wario. That looks just like I'd expect him to in real life.

    No pics yet of the girl dressed as cammy who was told to put on some pants?

    I'm surprised by the... normality of these nerds. I've seen a lot freakier stuff at Supanova alone.

    Totally digging the Wendy Cheslock.

    Still tossing up on the gender of the Gabe and Tycho there...

      @Vapor: Funny. I think most people were. We got a lot of "Sirs! oh.. I mean ladies.." or "Ladies! oh I'm sorry sir!"

      Lots of it.

      But I'm a boy (Tycho) and Gabe is a girl. I didn't bother correcting anyone this weekend though. I'd rather have not made anyone feel dumb. It was a lot of fun regardless. (and hey. even I realize how feminine I look, so not going to beat people up about that haha)

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