PAX East Cosplay Day 2: The Castle Crasher, The Little Sister, And A Lego Master Sword

On the first day of PAX East, we got some good video game cosplay, but day two trumped the day one efforts. A Zelda sword made of Lego pieces? A Team Fortress 2 / BioShock mash-up? Professor Layton teaming up with Uncle Sam?

Congratulations, all around PAX East day 2 cosplayers. You did some fine work. Thanks to all who posed for the nosy Kotaku photographer.


    The last one looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Oddly appropriate.

    Holy crap, it's Eridan!

    8 Bit Lego Link is amazing.

    Is #11 supposed to be... An Asari?

    Professor Leyton one is very cute. Sorta ruined by the whale though.

    Digging Mordin "Fat human head" Solus.

    Really? People still try to make Big Daddy outfits? Cmon, pick something you can at least partially pull off rather than fail miserably at.

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