Peter Molyneux Has A Lifetime Achievement Award And A Message For His Haters

Peter Molyneux Has A Lifetime Achievement Award And A Message For His Haters

Game designer Peter Molyneux, he of Populous, Fable, Black & White, Kinect’s Project Milo and lots of really great promises, won a lifetime achievement award at the Game Developers Conference this week.

I’ve always found Molyneux charming and refreshingly full of enthusiasm, but he and I both know that plenty of gamers feel he over-promises cool content for his studio’s games.

What a perfect opportunity the GDC awards presented, then, to have him address all his fans and his critics. He did in classic Peter Molyneux fashion, making Wednesday night the first time I’ve had an interviewee say, “You’re right, I am the son of Satan.”


  • I’m not so much a hater, but I’m often disapointed when I hear his games fall short of his Promises, that being said I don’t own a Fable game. His last game I played was Black and White.

  • I’m sick and tired of people hating on his promises. In my opinion it’s these far-fetched goals that he sets out to achieve that push the boundaries of game design.

    What would you rather? A game designer comes up and says, “Our new game is just like the others you’ve played and isn’t trying to do anything new but that’s ok.”

    I’d rather tell people that my game would be the best thing ever, and when I don’t make it I could then say, “Well I almost got it right… See what I can do with the next one!”

    • It’s not the promises we hate, it’s the lack of delivery.

      When I’m promised the best ice cream in the world, that has a chocolate coating, nuts, choclate chips, honeycomb chips and a BUBBLEGUM CENTRE. And all I get is one with a chocolate coating, I’m going to be disapointed no matter how good it is.

      Yet if I promised you an Ice Cream with a chocolate coating and a surprise. When you find out that it has the chocolate coating and it also has a previously unmentioned BUBBLEGUM CENTRE, that is awesome. Your not disapointed by the lack of nuts, chocolate chips because I never said they where there.

      All I want to know Mr Molyneux, is will there really be a BUBBLEGUM CENTRE this time.

    • I agree. I think when he said we would be able to interact with all the characters in the Fable II world, he was right.

      My first interaction in the game mimicked my morning, when I went down to the breakfast table. I let out a huge fart and one person disaproved but the rest of my family pointed at me and laugh along!


  • I’m assuming he was probably pretty important in these games, which are all games I feel totally delivered:

    Populous (1, 2, and 3)
    Syndicate and Syndicate wars (Wars had a slow start, but I really enjoyed it)
    Magic Carpet
    Theme park
    Dungeon Keeper

    That’s about 10 years worth of awesome, with a fair bit of innovation and difference between titles.

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