Pica-Pica Sends Us Into A Daze Of Nostalgia

I'm prone to hyperbole, but it is without reservation that I say this site, is the greatest website in the history of the world. Pica-Pica allows you to load up and play all of the game and watch games, and their derivatives - and it looks amazing.

It's brilliantly responsive. I've been walking around, clutching my kidneys in abject pain, just from the raw nostalgia running through my veins at this precise minute. It physically hurts.

If you want some of the same delicious pain - head here this instant.

Thanks Thistler for the heads up!


    wow that is awesome...legal??? would be great on a touch screen (dare i say, ipad)

    I grew up with this one. *Nostalgia*

    OMG they have the dual-screen Zelda!

    I'd say "fond memories", but "fond" just isn't strong enough a word

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