Pilotwings Resort Aussie Release Date Revealed

Pilotwings Resort Aussie Release Date Revealed

Pilotwings Resort Aussie Release Date RevealedConsidering that the Pilotwings Resort was a launch title in both Japan and the US, we were taken by surprise when it was revealed that the game wouldn’t make it for launch here in Australia. Thankfully we now have a release date, and it’s not quite as bad as we initially feared.

Pilotwings Resort will be released in Australia on the 14th of April – two weeks after the launch of the 3DS itself – and will retail at $69.95.

Although I would personally have preferred Pilotwings Resort to have been available at launch, this release date is a bit of a relief. In some ways Pilotwings Resort is the ‘Wii Sports’ of the 3DS launch titles in that it really shows off the 3D capabilities of the 3DS – any further delay could have been damaging for the launch period of Nintendo’s new handheld.

More details below.

Soar over the tropical Wuhu Island and enjoy the fantastic sensation of 3D depth that puts you in the pilot seat, when Pilotwings Resort launches in Australia and New Zealand on 14 April 2011, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

This time, you can take control of the amazing 3D flying experience with your personal Mii character, using any of the Miis you create in Mii Maker to pilot the aircrafts. Jump into a plane, hang glider or rocket belt to explore the island at a leisurely pace or race against the clock to complete daring aerial manoeuvres in challenging missions.

Sign up to the Wuhu Sky Club and earn your pilot licence! Learn to pilot a plane, jet around with a rocket belt or hit thermals with a hang glider. Each aircraft has its own unique set of controls to master and in mission mode, you’ll undertake various missions that will push all of your flying skills to the limit. As you complete more missions, your Mii character will progress from novice class to higher classes, unlocking new missions and features along the way.

If you fancy something a little more leisurely, scour Wuhu Island for hundreds of different collectibles in free flight mode to unlock different times of day, dioramas, new aircrafts, and much more! As you take in a view of the spectacular Wuhu Island sights, you can now share your experiences with friends and family members. In certain missions and in free flight mode you can pilot the hang glider to take snapshots in 3D and save them in an SD Card and view them on the photo album in Nintendo 3DS Camera.

So buckle up and get ready to take to the skies like never before, when Pilotwings Resort launches on 14 April 2011, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

Pilotwings SRP AU $69.95 and SRP NZ $99.00*


  • Man, I haven’t played Pilotwings (on the SNES) in forever. Never played Pilotwings 64. Might consider this when I get round to buying a 3DS (Won’t be till Zelda drops)

    • It is, but I can only think that Nintendo Australia might be trying to promote more consistent, drawn-out launch sales over the first month or so (but then again, there never was much strategy behind all the other delayed games…)

      And yeah Raif – I’m pretty surprised that they’re all $70-75 games too. People were worried about the console being expensive, but $70-75 for a 3DS game is pretty steep and right now that’s turning me off more than anything. :/

      • yup even more of a reason to import in my mind.

        We’re meant to pay more for delays as usual.

        Especially for something like this which i can’t see being worth more than 30 dollars

        i mean even if the dollar went down to 70 cents

        games would still only cost 58 bucks AUD since they retail for 40 over there atm.

        And if you shop around you could probably get it cheaper once things get going or free shipping

          • exactly.

            My point was more that the thing that scares most people off of importing at the moment is the risk that the games for there US 3DS could screw them over if the dollar drops

            but realistically its never going to get more expensive 😛

  • WAY too expensive. $70 is the cost of new PC games, I thought handheld games were supposed to be sold cheaper? The 2 week delay just adds insult to injury

    Definitely going to go full-import on this one.

  • I’d pay $70 for Ocarina of Time 3DS (and that was before I heard it included Master Quest), or for Starfox 3DS, but for Pilotwings?!? Screw that.

  • Exactly why I have no plans to buy a single 3ds game from Australia. Nintendo AU can go jump if they expect me to pay them for delays.

  • Why is everyone complaining about $70 3DS games when that has been the standard price for DS games for the past what… six years?

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