Plants Vs. Zombies Go Go Dancers

Go go dancing sunflowers and pea-shooters caroused at Pop Cap Games' party last night, chasing and being chased by big-headed zombies among party goers.

The night's festivities also included a selection of zombie-themed drinks and food.

The drink selection included Vechey's Vodka & Vitriol and Fiete's Fulminating Feat, while the food selection included Plants Vs... Plants! and Bejeweled Blitz.

Here's the full run down:


Vechey's Vodka & Vitriol: Absolut Wild Tea vodka, simple syrup and house-made ice tea, on the rocks with lemon slice.

Fiete's Fulminating Feat: Two kinds of run, orgeat, Curacao and lime juice on the rocks with a sprig of mint.

Kalpalka's Katatonic Concoction: Gin or vidka, fresh basil, lemon and simple syrup chilled in a martini glass.


Plants Vs... Plants!: Local artichokes battle wild mushrooms on goat cheese crostini.

Insaniquari-Yum: Chipotle-battered deep-fried shrimp ignites your tastebuds while chile-lime aioli fans the flames!

Zuma's Secret: Hidden under a seared scallop, plantains, black bean puree, mango and cilantro shell out Caribbean flavor.

Bejeweled Blitz: Pomegranate rubies "bejewel" crispy pork belly on toasted brioche with bronzed maple butter.

Heavy Weapon: An explosion of truffles and beef carpaccio on olive toast with Bull's Blood herb.


    Let the official record state that I, John Vechey, as a semi-pro drink enthusiast, did not choose my drink namesake but instead it was foisted upon me by our PR department.

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