PlayStation Move Gets Its Ape Escape In Coming Months

Already released in Japan as Furi! Furi! Sarugetchu, the PlayStation Move-powered Ape Escape is finally coming to North American fans of monkey snatching this (northern) summer. It is simply called PlayStation Move Ape Escape.

This version of the motion controlled Ape Escape, which you can see in wand-swinging action right here, will only be available as a download via the PlayStation Network.


    Will the psmove ever have a game that makes the damn thing worth buying?

      Ape escape would definitely make me consider buying one of the PS3 Chuppa Chup controllers. I used to love playing the originals on PSone/PS2

      You haven't heard of "The Fight" have you, that game kicks ass. And "Time Crisis" would be worth it too.

    remember mgs3 has the 'snake vs. ape' missions. kojima is apparently a big fan

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