PlayStation Plus Players Score Exclusive Mortal Kombat Demo

PlayStation Plus Players Score Exclusive Mortal Kombat Demo

The next Mortal Kombat comes to the PlayStation 3 in the form of a playable demo exclusive to Plus subscribers on March 8, releasing next week to the non-subscribing masses.


  • Given the lack of Australian flag in the post I would say this is a US post.

    So, if you have a US (or other territory where they have the semo) PSN+ account you’ll get the demo.

    Other wise, no.

  • This is an American story, though the EU PS Blog has confirmed that PAL territories would be getting the same thing on March 9th.

    However, there is nothing on that Blog post about whether Australia would get it.

    Either way, wait a week when everyone gets it and download it from the UK/US store.

  • Yeah check the author of the post, the aussie guys have a aussie flag next to their names 🙂

    Would be funny if we did get it though 😛

  • wouldnt the demo need to be rated? If so we have no chance in hell (unless its the demos where you dont really do anything)

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