PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score Online Games Saves Tomorrow

Sony gives PlayStation Plus subscribers the ability to store game saves online via the PlayStation Network with tomorrow's 3.60 system software update, allowing up to 1000 data files to be stored on 150MB of space as long as the money keeps coming in. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more details.


    Aarrrggghhh! Too late! I just lost all my saves again when my PS3 broke down for the third time. :-(

    this is awesome... very very tempted to go a plus sub now... means i could actually make use of my second console if i had my saves in the cloud

    "Users also have the ability to back-up “copy-prohibited save data,”"

    YES! Finally a way to protect those types of save files. I really don't understand why some save files are copy prohibited. Anyone care to enlighten me?

      I think it's an attempt to prevent certain game saves being copied between friends or online. You know those "The game is 100% in this save - download now!"

    got the update (fairly quick) just wanting to know how we use this cloud feature now? Oh and no mention of the playstation app?

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