Pokemon Black/White Fastest Selling Nintendo Game in Australian History

Yesterday we marveled at the fact Nintendo managed to shift 2 million units of Pokemon Black/White in two weeks in the US, today we've just received news that it has become the fastest selling Nintendo game in Australian history, shifting 77,000 units in just one week.

By comparison Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver sold 45,000 units, and not even the might of Mario with New SUPER MARIO BROS. Wii - which sold 47,400 in week one - could compete with the might Pokemon Black/White.

We're a bit surprised by this. Sure, the DS install base is intimidatingly huge, but with the 3DS coming so soon we wondered if the interest in a new Pokemon game would have waned slightly.

Apparently not.


    Pokemon is a fad. True words.

      Yes, a decade-old fad.
      Like denim jeans, rock music and video games.
      Okay, it'll die one day, but only if they don't start growing sometime soon.

    Right, but those are two games, not one. So 77k/2 is less impressive.

      Two games that are pretty much exactly the same for most of the development costs. Grouping them together is fair enough considering how little extra it would cost to produce two instead of just one.

        I was going to say something along those lines and then I remembered that plenty of rich kids will have bought both.

          Was in EB trying to talk myself out of buying games on sale, when I heard two kids talking about how they both needed to buy the other game.

          Funny thing is one had black and the other white... so much for trading.

      Though it says that HG/SS sold 45k, implying that was the combined total. And even with that "advantage" of being two games, that was still beaten by NSMB. This obliterated both of them.

      So is heartgold/soulsilver, although it could be argued they're two forms of the same game, eg Mass Effect 360/PC. Minor differences but the same core experience.

      You're acting as if they're two different games. They are almost identical. It doesn't matter if there's two versions, 77000 people wanted to buy the newest Pokemon game.

    And this is why we're never going to get the revolutionary new edition that we all crave. Who needs to innovate when the same-old-thing continuously breaks records?

    I'll admit it, I bought it, so know I am part of the problem.

    I wonder what the highest selling game ever (in one week) is for Australia?

      I think the Pokemon franchise passed the status of fad and entered phenomenon territory some years ago..

      Probably Modern Warfare 2, or BlOps.

    I thought SoulSilver/HeartGold sold more than that. It seemed like a bigger release considering I saw heaps of people buying it, playing it and same with my mates they nearly all had a copy.

    I've only seen 2 people I know playing this. Eh, it's good though bringing back the child within. Although OF those 2 people they both said similar things "It's weird seeing the buildings move and more 3D environment".

    They better not change the formula too much Nintendo, you're gonna confuse everyone and they won't know what to do!

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