Pokémon Black/White Sells 2 Million Units In 2 Weeks In The US

Pokémon has been 'catching 'em all' since it was released back in the days of yore. And by ''em' I mean consumers, and by 'catching' I mean selling them stuff. Loads of stuff. Adding a substantial chunk to the series' ludicrous 200 million total, Pokémon Black/White has sold 2 million units in two weeks - in the US alone.

This is in addition to the 5 million units Nintendo has shifted in Japan. Truly Pokémon is the franchise that keeps on giving for Nintendo.

I find this quite interesting - just who is still buying Pokémon games? As a 29 year old, I think I was just that little bit too old to catch on to the series when it was first released, so I never cottoned on to the hype juggernaut to begin with. I'm totally aware, however, that there are hordes of people, 4-5 years younger than me who have continued to play and love every single Pokémon game ever released. It seems like Nintendo has somehow managed to maintain that older audience whilst continuing to recruit new gamers.

It's got me wondering - plenty of you guys fall into the 18-29 bracket. How many of you guys are still playing Pokémon? What keeps you coming back to the series despite minimum changes in gameplay? Is it nostalgia? Is it the fun factor? Let us know in the comments below.

Pokemon Black & White sell 2 million in 2 weeks [Gamespot]


    I add substantial chucks all the time. Three just this morning!

    Hur hur hur. Seriously though, I will be buying Black, once the price comes down a little more. Why? Yes, partly nostalgia, but the formula is good too. I have a bug about collecting things, and discovering things and in all honesty, it's a robust 'RPG' (I pull the inverted commas because, like most video RPGs, there's very little RP).

    When it comes right down to it, the combat is the same as the early Final Fantasys – I haven't played any of the recent ones so I can't compare, just with an enormous stable of PCs.

      You'll be waiting a while then, last time I checked even Diamond and Pearl were still like 60 bucks..

        Both Black and White are only about $42 total off eBay at the moment, waiting for it to drop to the $30 region

    For me its nostalgia, I think back to when im twelve and playing through the games the first time. Each turn a new experience. Outwitting my opponent.In all truth i find these same simple pleasures with the current generation. really pokemon makes me feel smart. The battle system is so good that whether you lose or win, you know it your doing.

    I was right in the middle of the hype, got my red and played with my mates and traded them. Moved on to Gold and Silver when they came out. By then I had wearied and moved on though and only took a passing interest in the later games.

    It is still kind of tempting to go and pick up black or white and play through it, partially for nostalgia, partially because it's just a simple straight forward game. It reminds me of an MMO, it is mostly a grind but it is interesting enough to keep you going and there is something comfortable in the predictability of it.

    I often look at the game series and can imagine some grand changes and upgrades to it. If ever I could be bothered to making a game my first attempt would be an upgrade of the pokemon battling system to something that belongs more on a current gen system, but sometimes all you want is the game you know. I mean how many different types of Tetris have we all played over the years?

    Not I, never purchased any Pokemon game ever.

    Same age as you and the series never really attracted me in anyway, even though I still watched some of the cartoons for lulz before heading off to school. CheezTV ruled back in the day! :D

    That being said, I know a number of people older who are obsessed with Pokemon and catching them all!

    I was curious to see if the games had changed substantially. It's still much of the same but there is something about Pokemon that hooks you in.

    Pokemon first came out when I was in primary school and I still play the main games (not so much the spin-offs).

    I don't know why I keep coming back. I guess it's that they've changed the games just enough each time to keep me interested, but retain some nostalgia at the same time.

    I like the accessibility of a game that doesn't rely on reaction times and just lets you relax, in a way.

    "As a 29 year old, I think I was just that little bit too old to catch on to the series when it was first released, so I never cottoned on to the hype juggernaut to begin with"

    Good Lord, as a 32 year old, what does it say about me that I just bought Pokémon White, and am the local Pokémon authority for my friends' 5 year olds (seriously!)...

      It says that you're made of nostalgia and win.

    Thank you america! You are doing handheld gaming proud.
    Especially considering all those clueless zombies who consider phone gaming the future of handheld gaming. You can put this in your pipe and smoke it!
    I can only imagine Pokemon 3D is coming next

    I've been a pokemon fan since the days of red and blue, even before the cartoon came out, and while there is an element of nostalgia, it is mostly the solid formula which keeps drawing me back and the collection-and-evolution mechanic.
    However, while I snagged Pokemon Black a couple of days before the local release date, thank you Dungeon Crawl, this will be my last Pokemon game until the game starts to evolve.
    There have already been a couple of catch-and-battle games since Pokemon began the juggernaut, and I am sick of waiting for the next step.
    Possibly the greatest challenge for the developers is to take the massive library of moves and pokemon, pare it down to a workable size then make a pokemon game with real-time, freerunning battles.
    Just wish they would.

    Every time I tell myself it will be the same as the last game. Every time I end up buying a new Pokemon game.

    I'm 27, and I started my pokemon journey with Ruby. I'll be buying the new game but I haven't decided which yet. :)
    Pokemon is incredible in that it is EXACTLY the same game every time. It's super formulaic. But somehow that's what makes it great. I love all the newer games and I love going back to play all the older ones too.

    I'm not getting Black and White. After gaming on Yellow, Blue and Silver as a kid (I missed the GBA games, but have played them since and caught up), I almost finished running through Diamond but lost interest and was left severely disappointed by it. Most of the Pokemon were very crap designs like easter island heads and candles, I don't think it had ANY of the old Pokemon were in it (meaning hardly any nostalgia) and the game hadn't changed style one little bit. While Black and White look like a slight improvement, I won't buy another Pokemon game until a fully 3D game (no 2d and sprites) on either 3DS or Wii is made.

      Well that, or an AR card based Pokemon game. Also, I heard you still have to wait before exiting a battle with a Pokemon you run into in the bushes. I had enough of that in the old ones. You think they would have just let you push a button to fast track it by now.

    I think it's mostly on the surface that changes can be viewed as really minimal. For anyone casually playing it, it's just something easy to pick up and play, and stop playing whenever you need to do something else.
    But for those who like a more competitive game, tweaks just keep improving and updating the game. Held items can make a crazy difference (what was that, Gen II or III?), Battle Tower/Frontier was where you tested your mettle, Gen IV's differentiation of physical or special type (rather than inherently to the Pokemon type) made a major difference, and Gen V benefits from being a completely new slate. Completely new Pokemon, up until the end of the story/E4. And what each Gen adds are new possibilities in customising teams. Teams that you forge yourself and play how you need them to, with each Pokemon having a role. My Pokemon are how I choose to represent myself in the otherwise simplistic Pokemon world, and it's how I make my mark.

    I'm planning to buy it when I pick up my 3DS if I can see it for ~$50

    I'm not really sure why... probably a combination of two factors - it's a new-ish take on the series and I've had massive exposure to it over the last couple of weeks (no thanks to Jimu).

    They're a nice little game though and I highly suggest you give one of the new ones a whirl (and when you need help, you can ask TAY)

    I have owned a Pokemon game from every generation, and all of Gen 1. Some of my fondest memories from 2001 are playing Silver, easily my fave. Ruby was the last non remake that really engaged me and Pearl was the first time I never made it to the Elite 4. In the 11 years Ive been playing them I have only completed 1 of them (LeafGreen). Yet Im undecided if I'll buy White or Black.

    I bought it because I haven't played since Gold.
    I was hyped for it. Then it wore off, and it just isn't enjoyable for me anymore. I'm debating giving it away to a kid who might enjoy it more than I did.

    I bought it and love it. I enjoy collecting pokemon.
    I also play competitive pokemon but through simulators.

    While gameplay might not seem to change too much, it does go through some subtle changes that make a world of difference, especially to the competitive scene so it's fresh enough for me to keep going.

    Im 28 and I like em oldschool.

    Dragon Quest anyone?

      I had a go back in the day but it never really hooked me.
      Played Diamond on DS and couldn't stop!

    Finished my HSC last year. Picked up my copy of pokémon white at 9am at my local JB Hifi.

    I've bought at least one of the games from every release since red. The hours and hours of my childhood spent playing are some of my fondest memories (Being an only child)

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