Portal 2 So Cute We're Giving Them Free Advertising

Sure, it's prerendered. Sure, it's just a little teaser commercial. But it's totes adorbs*. And if all goes to plan, it's all the new information about Portal 2 I'm going to see before I play it.

(* "Totilo-class Adorable")


    Only one word can explain this.


    Brilliant, the kids that first made this game must be so chuffed their idea has gotten so big :)

    When the walls suddenly pulled away and GLaDOS' unforgettable voice suddenly came out of nowhere, I nearly shit myself. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

    "We're going to have fun. With science."

    Yes. We are.

    Also, usage of the phrase "totes adorbs" should be punishable somehow.

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