Portal 2’s Newest Character Is Hilarious (And Possibly Malevolent)

Portal 2’s Newest Character Is Hilarious (And Possibly Malevolent)

At some unspecified moment in Portal 2, we’re going to hear from Cave Johnson, the man who founded Portal research lab Aperture Science. Why we’re hearing him is a mystery still unexplained.

Portal 2 takes place some time after Portal 1, but is Johnson alive? A recording that’s been played back?

Cave Johnson is voiced by J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man, Oz). He is the newest character revealed for Valve’s upcoming sequel. He joins a cast that includes our playable character Chell, returning antagonist GLaDOS, semi-helpful flying orb Wheatley and a pair of hero robots in the game’s co-op mode. Johnson was revealed the first time at PAX East, where I recorded his debut during a theatre demo.

I also recorded part of the game’s excellent intro, which features Wheatley. Note that some excited PAX East attendees didn’t get the memo that Portal 2 lacks voice control.

Enjoy, if you don’t mind spoilers. (Don’t mind the weird greenish band across the top of this second video; it was a thing with my camera, not a game thing.)

Portal 2 will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac in North America on April 18, a few days later in Europe and Australia.


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