Prepare For Mass Effect 2's 'Arrival' With This Hype Video

Tomorrow, March 29 brings Mass Effect 2's final batch of downloadable content, Arrival, for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Whip yourself into an anticipation lather by watching its launch trailer right here, right now.



    Definitely getting this in prep for ME3 - awesome ;)

    When does dlc usually release in australia, like midnight pacific time?

      US pacific time that is

        So around 8-9pm tonight?

          It's 3am on the US East Coast atm, and it isn't out...

          I'd say it'd be out in about five or six hours. I could be totally wrong.

    Sweet! Looks like some more epic DLC like Lair of the Shadow Broker!

    A Reaper attack in a DLC though? Didn't think they'd do that, seems like a pretty major event they'd wanna keep for the primary storyline exclusively.

    One of those "DAMN YOU, BIOWARE" moments as I have no money for it!
    Hate having to get the XBOX Live credit and never trust how much it will cost us.

    How much is it by the way?

      I think its been said that it'll be about 560

  • I can't get this. I have one of those stupidly tiny launch 20gig hard-drives.
    Between the other DLC for ME2, and Dragon Age:Origins and its content I have free space almost in the single digit megabytes.

    This is why I proprietary HDDs are an idiotic idea. I can't afford a larger one at MS's ridiculous price point, which means I can't even buy things from them that I -can- afford, like DLC and downloadable games. It's lose/lose for them.

    Was so pumped for this, but when I went to turn on my Xbox for the first time in a month yesterday, just to watch a dvd, it red ringed on me.... FML. If i remember correctly my first one red ringed while playing ME1. Thank god I just got a new pc, Deus Ex and The Witcher 2 will keep me happy.

    What a nice birthday present. Thanks, Boiware.

      Er, Bioware...

        Nice save ;)

    sweet just finished work. download at 78%

      PC user and still waiting... para you on xbox?

    Nice cant wait

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