Princess Zelda, 25 Years Young

In celebration of Zelda's 25th anniversary, Salvador Ramirez Madriz created a rad illustration of the princess in her younger years.

Need your daily fill of geek eye candy? If so, head over to Justin Page's Rampaged Reality and get your fix. Republished with permission.



    Really great artwork there!!

    N'awww what a cutie!

    Aww....very cute.

    I guess this is what she would look like in Ocarina of Time as a child if it got a good HD remake.

    Body looks to thin/head looks to big.

    Still nice art though.

      Of course.

      As the Zelda games have always been about realism. :/

        Ah ha, so that's how you deflect valid criticism of broken, jarring bodily proportions.

      All the concept art related to the Zelda games are in a "manga" style which creates warped proportions of the head and the hands and legs. If the artist didn't create the off proportions he or she would not be staying true to the general style of the Zelda games.

      Sometimes style is equally important when creating works of art and that does not always entail staying true to the guidelines of realism. So try to open your mind a bit more.

      The crit I would give would be more about the messy line work, it needs to be tightened up in places as some of the sections like under her left hand looks a bit smudgy.

    Soo cute... *brains explodes*

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