Prototype 2 Will At Least Have Nice Corpse-Throwing Physics

Prototype 2 Will At Least Have Nice Corpse-Throwing Physics

Prototype 2 isn’t due out until sometime in 2012, so early video of Radical Entertainment’s game can easily be forgiven for being light on substance. If you’re looking – “Heller Throws Down” – some eyeball time.


  • I really don’t like the design for the new character.
    Alex Mercer looked great. Sorta like a mix between an Assassin’s Creed character, a biker, and some sort of eagle or something. He looked both extremely awesome and badass, and even kinda beautiful when gliding and destroying the city.
    This new guy looks kinda bland.

    • I agree. Mercer looks a lot better then the new guy.

      Though it’s extremely unlikely I’m hoping that half way through the game Mercer kills this new guy, absorbs him and then we spend the rest of the game playing as Mercer but with the new guys more advanced powers.

      The throw did look nice though.

      • I’d pay double the asking price if that was in the game. Loved Alex Mercer and admittedly hate this guy just because he isn’t Alex Mercer. Also he doesn’t like Alex Mercer, so clearly he’s crazy.

  • I really loved playing Mercer. I’m disappointed they replaced him with another character for the second game.

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time though.

  • Apart from Infamous, Prototype had the most boring, lifeless environment for a sandbox type game.
    I liked the game but I swear I would stand at the corner of a street and have 14 NPCs made up of 3 identicle character models stop at the trffic lights and wait for 102 cars made up of 99 yellow cabs and 3 garbage trucks.

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