PS3 Hacker Flees The Long Arm Of Sony For South American Freedom

PS3 Hacker Flees The Long Arm Of Sony For South American Freedom

The saga of George “geohot” Hotz continues, hurdling deeper into absurdity with each growing unit of acceleration. He fought the law and lost—a judge demanded he hand over his PS3-hack relevant hard drives. His answer? I’m out, bitches.

According to a court document filed by Sony in its noble, interminable battle to prevent people from altering their own PlayStations,

Hotz had deliberately removed integral components of his impounded hard drives prior to delivering them to a third party neutral and…Hotz is now in South America, an excuse for why he will not immediately provide the components of his hard drives as requested by the neutral. Hotz’s attempts to dodge this Court’s authority raise very serious questions.

That tricky dog! South America, by our estimation, is a pretty large continent, so it’ll be tough for Sony’s legal goons to track him down if that’s the most specific idea they have of his whereabouts. Will geohot return to the US? Has he been signed to a Peruvian rap label? Is he currently lying in a tent deep in Patagonia, hacking away at a PS3 off a diesel generator? Is he sipping a pina colada on the beaches of Rio?

Fly away, geohot—fly far, and be free! [VGHQ via Ubergizmo]

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    • Yeah, I seriously doubt he’d flee the country over something like this. From what I understand, it’s a civil case, not a criminal one, so he’s not facing jail time or anything. Worst that would happen would be a financial judgement against him and that could be made, and his assets siezed, even if he is out of the country.

      Maybe he’s just spending all of his remaining money on a huge cocaine-and-hookers bender down in South America so there’ll be nothing left for Sony to take?

    • Ask the public for donations to help with court case with Sony.

      Go on a holiday to Argentina.

      …I’m sure those two are completely unrelated.

  • maybe he went to south america for a HOLIDAY!! Why is sony so desperate to try and get this guy they must be wasting so much money, probably more than they precieve to be loosing through so called piracy.

    out of all of this, I have not seen any evidence that the hack that he found, really does anything to advance piracy. I know there is some packages out there that will allow you to boot iso’s but really how many people are willing to download up to 50gb per iso.

  • Go son go!!

    Sony should realise by now that you don’t go after hackers by trying to sue them. You pay them big money to work for you.

    • Yeah, what a great plan – nothing will deter people better than the prospect of getting paid a lot of money.

    • and basically any true hacker will say piss off in most cases.

      Since most of the reason that he does what he does is because he’s against the control of the system.

      He’s been offered jobs before and has turned them down.

      He probably does a bunch of consulting work.

      But signing up with a company like sony, would be joining the man in their crusade to control their system.

      Thats why he had a list of demands before hed help them secure it

      As for the “He’s on Holiday” Sure he might be but seems rather coincidental, and he was probably told not to leave town

  • According to his lawyers

    “The ‘integral components’ SCEA is talking about are stock controller cards, not the hard drives themselves,” Kellar told IGN in an e-mail. “The neutral subsequently had to explain to SCEA the form and function of hard drive controller cards. Those controller cards have since been provided to the neutral so the point is moot.”

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