Remember This?

One of my best friends in Australia is a guy called Dennie Renessis, who is the venue manager of Galactic Circus in Crown Casino in Melbourne. I caught up with him yesterday and he was very excited because he just managed to get a copy of this game. Can you guess what it is from this single screenshot?


    Bad Dudes vs Double Dragon?


        I heard Activision is actually remaking this. Only they are setting it in Afghanistan, turning it into an FPS and making the single player about 35 mins long.

          Yeah I think I might of played that actually - wasn't too chuffed about the ending where instead of rescuing the kidnapped gang chick and going home for a burger with the president you just get nuked.

    Streets of Rage?




    Pretty sure thats an old arcade game called Vengeance. But I cannot double check because I can't find anything online about it. :(

      Ah Vendetta as Chris posted.

    Streets of rage?

    Streets of Rage: Blurry screen edition

    Umm, I have so many side scrolling beat 'em ups implanted into my brain I confuse them.

    I think this one might be Vendetta though.

    It is Vendetta - a kick ass side scrolling beat em up featuring hulk hogan rip offs and ex-military cons for the most bad ass beat down in town. Can get it on emulators without too much difficulty which saves me from pumping countless 20c coins through the arcade machine at the corner shop.

    Hmm... something set on a boat. And is that Hulk Hogan in the blue tshirt?

    I'm gonna go with WWF Superstars vs Pirates.

    who cares what the game is.... CHECK OUT THE MULLET IN ALL IT'S PIXELATED GLORY!!!

    Vendetta, awesome 4 player double dragon-like game

    Is is Hulk Hogan and Mr Perfect go fishing?

      That game would be redundant, because Mr Perfect is amazing at every sport. I can only imagine that his character would be extremely unbalanced.

        Thank you for that link Mark.... I now owe you 2 beers

    I thought it might be "Two Crude Dudes", it just reminded me of it anyways.

    I preferred the isometric carnage of C64 Vendetta. One of the first truly story driven C64 games. And one I've finished more than a few times.

    Guys, get yoself a MAME emulator, find this ROM and play the CRAP outta this game!

    Nothing like putting the boot into some punk aysse mofoh sumbeearch who stole your (communal) girlfriend!!

    And Two Crude Dudes (aka Crude Busters) graphics were way different to this...

    Every arcade game in the early 90s had crazy barge in industrial warehouse level

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