Remember This?

Can you remember this classic game from a single screenshot? Based on your past performance I'm going to say yes. But I'll provide you guys with the challenge regardless. If you happen to guess correctly before I check back in, feel free to reminisce over this classic game.

And no, Tristan. It's not Mario 64!


    Looks like outlaw on the Atari 2600

      Definitly Outlaw! I remember sometimes there was a cactus in the middle of the field too!

    Cowboy shoot out? C64

    oh my god, i actually played this!! that was one of the first videogame i ever played, only predated by pong. it was on that cartridge along with a bunch of other games...

    oh yes, this one was on it too:,44862/

    and i completely forgot about all this until right now. experiencing a timewarp here!

    Outlaw on the Atari 2600.

    I actually played this one!

    Pretty sure it's Brokeback Mountain for the Atari 2600.

      Nah, the Cowboys aren't close enough together to be that.

        But they are "shooting" at each other.

    Clusters Revenge ... no wait that's not cool :)

      It's sorta cool. Funny either way.

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