Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? My guess is yes, given the history of you guys and 'Remember This' posts. That being said, I still like the challenge of trying to gazump you guys. Chuck your answers in the comments below!


    I have no idea, I fail at retro coolness...I did however want to say that 'gazump' is a great word!

    Trials SD?

      I had no idea about this game so didnt bother about posting here.. Just saw the picture, thought hey, i have a funny joke, how great will everyone think i am when i come up with such a witty joke. I will post it here and be immortalised as a god-king (more-so)...

      Open the thread and MadDog has gazumped me!!! Nice one dude.


    C64 version?

    This is the third remember this that I've ever recognised at all!

    Ad I have no idea what it's called.

    So,ummm, Motorstorm Apocalypse.

    Kikstart 2 on the C64. :)

    Thats Kikstart 2. I spent WAY too many rainy weekends playing that game.

    Kickstart C64 - I remember trying over and over to do well at this game and failing all the time. Have the same issue with Trials funnily enough. I may enjoy the games but I'm just no good at them.

    It actually looks like a SEGA game I used to play, and you'd tap the buttons to go faster or slower/brake, and up and down would control tilt.

    I don't remember the name though.

    Oh, those fences were the bane of my existence; you could not go slow enough without tumbling off.

      lol I think I remember that now that you mention it!

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