Remember This?

Sweet lord this screenshot has me sobbing, longing for a time long gone. Can you remember it from this single screenshot? Let us know in the comments below. If you get it before I check in, feel free to get nostalgic and reminisce.


    No idea, but it looks like something I wish I'd played as a kid.

    I don't know this one, but it reminds me of Henry's House, which makes me feel all reminiscent anyway.

    Looks like the next pirates of the carribean movie had it's cgi budget cut a little

    It definitely looks speccy. And this one actually gives us the name of the game in the screenshot I think - Booty on the Spectrum.


    Never owned a Speccy, so it's not something I played, but it would have to be Booty. I've never understood why it makes the distinction between "booty" and "treasure"... unless it means the *other* kind of booty? o_O

      From memory one was the cash in bags and one was the other items you could pick up - like candelabras & vases. Don't remember which is which though.

        I figured that was the case - my comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek, an excuse to make a lame joke. :) What was the point of differentiating the two, do you remember? What were they used for?

    haha nice! Haven't seen Booty in years! Great stuff! Always reminds me of Keystone Capers on the Atari 2600! Both awesome games!

    Its Booty on the Spectrum 48k published by Firebird and its also the first computer game I ever bought. I remember my Dad was annoyed because my mum had told us what we were getting for Xmas and I went and bought this straight away.

      This game was as hard as all balls. I hated that rat so much.

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