Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? This is probably the easiest one I've ever put on the site, so I'm guessing the answer's yes. So when you guys inevitably guess correctly, feel free to reminisce on this awesome, awesome game.


    Micro machines! So many versions, and so damn fun

    Micro Machines on Mega Drive!

    Micro Machines for the C64.

    Micro Machines!!!

    Played me some Micro Machines pretty recently, still not half bad.

    I played the shit out of that game back in the day.


      I lost so many hours to this series of games, particularly Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament.

      The sports cars had the best speed/drift ratio to sublimely slide through the tracks!

    We put away the hours on this one! I even attempted that 8 player mode with 2 on each controller, I shared with a girl!

    Micro Machines... I'm going to say PC.

    Micro machines and yes, on PC.

    MicroMachines!!!!! Squee!!! =^w^=

    never had the first one myself, but MM2: Turbo Tournament was my group's MarioKart back in the day! (such fond memories of tournament mode, teams mode, track editing...)

    Shame there hasn't been a true successor to the series yet (MM4 was okay but not brilliant, and Mashed took it in a good new direction despite losing Fully Loaded support for the PC version - sadly PC support doesn't look hopeful at this stage for Supersonic's newer titles like GAS: Fuel For Fun and Wrecked >.<)

    I've read all the other responses, and I'm still not sure. Possibly Micro Machines?

    i mean..

    i sucked so horribly at that game.. lol

    Micro Machines '96

    I played this yesterday with my brother in law for the first time in nearly 15 years. Weird.

    Micro Machines. This mode pictured was probably the hardest of the lot. If you had a lead at top speed chances are you're taking a leap of faith from the dining room table.

      Edit: School desk I mean, was thinking about food

    GT5!!...Forza 3!!
    TOCA!! F1 2010!!

    I'm all out of ideas.

    Micro Machines Turbo 64 was the best, if only for that awesomely catchy menu tune. Wish they'd make a new one.


    Micro Machines.. Hell Yeah.

    I know everyone else has said it, but this is the first time I've recognised a game.

    The toy cars were pretty cool too!
    So many cars... taking up so little space.

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