Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Can I type the word screenshot without accidentally typing 'screenshit'? Only time and comments will tell. If you guys happen to get it right before I can confirm - extremely likely - feel free to reminisce over this classic game.


    Is it Grasstrakin? :)

    Judging by the graphics...

    One of the 3DS launch titles?

    ATV Simulator... on the Spectrum, judging by the graphics.

    Back in the days when the title of every single CodeMasters game had the word "Simulator" stuck on the end of it, regardless of whether it was actually a simulator or not :P

      Super Robin Hood Simulator!

        Dont' forget Fruit Machine Simulator. Nick Xenophon's head would explode, Scanners-style, if anybody released something like that today.

    ATV Simulator for the Spectrum, I loved it as a child, never could get past the fifth level. I still fire it up on an emulator every now and then, and it's still fun.

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